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Skills to master

1) Photoshop
2) Adobe Illustrator
3) Website, webshop & E-commerce
4) Quickbooks & Tally
5) Adobe Premiere Pro

Last week you will learn the top skills which contribute to the success of any organization, entrepreneur, employee or startup. These are – PHOTOSHOP will help you create content on the go. Be it editing images for your social marketing or create amazing graphics for your website. Photoshop will help you take your content to next level and stand out and ahead from the competition. Want to create an amazing logo for your company or design a huge flex for your promotion and branding, Illustrator is the answer. With ILLUSTRATOR you will learn how to create beautiful graphics fast & easy. WEBSITE is the hero of this century. How – tell us one good business you know who doesn’t have a website? A good website can boost a business whereas a bad one can drastically affect it too. And why pay someone else to do it when making a good interactive website is so damn easy. You will learn how to make a website from scratch, how to use awesome photos without spending on a shoot, create an online payment gateway & customer chat box. With WEBSHOP you will learn how to create an online shop for your products. Learn e-commerce, f-commerce, and i-commerce. Remember we mentioned bookkeeping in week 3 – TALLY or QUICKBOOKS help you maintain your everyday financial transactions super easily. You can see how your money is traveling, what product makes you the most profit, where you can use cost cutting, where you can increase your profit margins – every day, week, month and year. Keep your finances up to date and in check.

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