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MiniMBA is a passion project by Value Kreation, an education organisation. 

Like most of our work MiniMBA also started with a problem we faced ourselves, we were and are solving it for people like us: passionate individuals trying to do social good with Business as a tool.

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Here are our Founder's words on how we started,

2012 starting my first venture, every day I used to think,

"I wish someone, with 5 years of experience in business, can sit with me and share the nitty-gritty of business with me in a fun way"


"I don't want to do 2 year MBA for 20-40 Lacs. I also don't want a 1-2 days workshop or training, which touches the surface and leaves me excited and alone late."

"I want something 1-month long, where I could have a follow-up discussion. I maybe want a small cohort-based course so that I could work on my business too."

This is why I created MiniMBA in 2017 with my team and started sharing learnings from our 5 years of best practices and mistakes with other passionate individuals. 


- Baldev Singh Rawat

   Founder Value Kreation

Some glimpses of our journey


Awards & Media Mentions

Value Kreation Academy has been awarded the Mayor’s Innovation Award for our work in the Ed-Tech sector.  We have also been covered by various media outlets such as 91.1 Radio City, 94.3 My FM & GTPL News channel for the events we organize.

CEO in 20s


94.3 MY FM 

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GTPL News Channel

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